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Boss Chic

Written by Christian Bodwin ____ Its hard these days to come across a serious chic.One that understands if I am not with her I am working. Things that make a "chic a boss" Confidence - Has so much confidence she can provide her own attention. Understanding - That I am your boyfriend/husband and not your Father. Foundation - A family that raised her somewhat right. Fancy - Its something about a fancy but boujie chic. That criteria ain't hard to meet I feel if money ain't no issue we would be straight.We both got our own money, goals, and professions.I want a chic that is a boss and together we would be a power couple. I ain't saying a stuck up chic but one that know when she step out its f*ck the rest.... *Anyways but gotta not fantasize and keep grinding I know with patience the right one will come later. #bosschicseries CBDGAF® ©2017 Copyright Christian Bodwin Works All Rights Reserved.
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Had a dope day,with the guys at #VaporCity got to drive this SRT company car ;to the meeting and new sponsorship contract to use their vapes in my "ads" and shoot videos in their store.  I'll post the conversation when we heard marijuana was about to be legalized in Texas on my #YouTube later. P. S. I struggle but I still grind everyday and im watching where that's taking me. #christianbodwinnews #cbnews ©2017 Copyright Christian Bodwin Enterprises,LLC. All Rights Reserved.


FADED® A documentary showing smoke sessions from AMMG Records members.Produced by Christian Bodwin.  Begins 10/25/2017

Morning Vent

Written by Christian Bodwin ___ I think that they forgot that Im a selfmade mogul 😂 Just woke up as usual in a motivated state of mind.When you been "hustlin" your whole life you learn to appreciate the rare down time. Got some dope a** series coming to the blog finna turn up on these haters. Remember never let anyone tell you that you can't do something rns.  Morning Vent #christianbodwin ©2017 Copyright Christian Bodwin, All Rights Reserved.